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adrad summer vacation

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we’ve had a good run this summer…..looked all over for that damn Admiral Radley.
tho we haven’t found him….yet…….. we sure have gotten a bunch of really good leads….

next up…a west coast stint with our pals BAND OF HORSES in SEPTEMBER check shows page for details

here’s a little re-cap of our search so far…

Merle Haggard Highway – Bakersfield, Ca. – old dusty road….empty beer cans…oil rigs….and a private airport. definitely one of adrad’s hangouts.

Diane Feinstein Skatepark – Orange Cove, Ca. – oysters on the grill….cops with keys to the skatepark….homemade guacamole with extra seasoning

The Underground Gardens – Fresno, Ca.
– the human mole….a mansion underground….Baldassare Forestieere…..definitely a drinking buddy of the admiral’s…..mostly red wine…from forestieere’s underground vineyard and winery.

Castle Air Museum – Atwater, Ca. – home to hundreds of retired aircraft….found one of ol’ adrads planes parked there….

Sassy’s – Portland, Or – uhhhhhhh…….no comment

Woody Creek Tavern – Woody Creek, Co – one of ol’ hunter s. thompson’s favorite drinking establishments….learned that several of thompson’s characters were based on the admiral himself. found a pic of hunter and adrad together at the bar. a good sign!

Surf Ballroom – Clear Lake, Ia
– site of last buddy holly concert….apparently adrad was in attendance….

Mount Royal – Montreal – one of adrad’s old sailing buddies….Jacques Cartier…he’s got a little chalet up on top of mt. royal. many a scotch had been drunk at that chalet…

Statue of Liberty – NYC – one of adrad’s ex-girlfriends….a bad break-up as legend has it.

Roanoke, VA – a mistake

Asheville, NC – thomas wolfe, f. scott fitzgerald…buckminster fuller built his first geodesic dome…with adrad’s guidance

Memphis, Tn – Graceland
– apparently the admiral spent a lot of time there with the king. recording….drinkin…playin racquetball. checked the guestbook. adrad has visited the mansion every other month since Elvis’ passing.

Oklahoma City, Ok
– Buckminster Fuller….one of his earliest geodesic domes. which is now a citibank….so the story goes “bucky” just couldn’t get the dome thing quite right….so he enlisted the help of one admiral radley…to help perfect the design….and…..VOILA!

Amarillo, Tx – The Cadillac Ranch
– built by the art collective “the ant farm”. which adrad was elected treasurer between the years of 1974 thru 1974. found a big pink clue…..

Gallup, NM – El Rancho Hotel/49er Lounge
– an old glorious, dusty hang on route 66…john wayne…errol flynn….clarke gable….and yep…. sir adrad, had all been known to frequent this little gem in the desert

Grand Canyon, Az
– another one of the admiral’s favorite retreats….back in 1953….adrad held down a job as a park ranger…..till they opened up the brewery over on the south ridge…..and…..some ravens ate our french fries…..weird?

Special announcement!!! Big party today in baltimore/dc area…. It’s a gas!

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last second ADRAD show/party/BBQ…. Today 8/22!!!

Baltimore/dc area…. Bring yer grillables…. Yer drinkin pants… And yer dancin shoes! 6pm! C’MON!!!!!

It’s the east coast version of the notorious BARN PARTY!!!!

Club 66 – 207 Edgewood Road – Edgewood, MD 21040 – BYOB – 6pm till ?

DONATIons ACcepted. Love, AdRad

Sirius time

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Admiral Radley will be featured in the first hour on Aquarium Drunkard’s XMU show on Sirrus this Friday, August 6th. The 4 song live set is taken from the annual Ship studio party at Home Slice Pizza during SXSW.

Aquarium Drunkard’s show airs twice on Fridays on SIRUS XMU, available on Channel 26 for SIRIUS subscribers and Channel 43 for XM for subscribers. Show times are noon-2pm EST and second is midnight-2am EST. will also stream the Adrad Ship Sessions starting Aug 6

Live Session at KEXP Seattle

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Ad Rad stopped by KEXP during their time in Seattle this week. Watch the first video below.

For more videos from the KEXP live sessions, click HERE.

Barn Party…it’s ON

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Admiral Radley on KCRW

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Don’t miss the recent Admiral Radley performance on KCRW’s ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic’.

“I Heart…” Karaoke Music Video

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“YEAH?????…..truck stops and the symphony”…..SING SING SING-ALONG!

Now you can perform “I Heart California” Karaoke stylezzzz….that’s right…don’t be shy…step up to the mic.
ask yer local karaoke-host or hostess….
“you got  i heart california?  Bflat?”  It’s on!

Jason’s Road Movie

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so…..jason shot and edited(in camera!) this little gem….. on his way down to some AdRaD practices….
it’s a nice little appetizer….
enjoy!  AdRad

“I Heart California” Available Now!!!

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yep!!!  pretty neat….for a limited time only….

you can get the record on iTunes for only $7.99!!!


CD and LP versions will be available EVERYWHERE on JULY 13th!!!


some new tour dates added to the SHOWS section…..

ok…back to workin’ on my drum machine chops!!!


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“I Heart California” and “Ghosts Of Syllables” avail now on iTunes

in other news…..THE BARN PARTY show date has been changed to JULY 24th

there’s more info on THE BARN PARTY and other tour updates like….NYC, CHI, MINN…..over in the SHOWS section.

ok.  JULY 13th….album release date….comin up quick…..and tour dates comin up even quicker!   i better start learnin’ that ukelele part… soon.  AdRaD

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