ghosts of syllables

02.21.11 | 13 Comments


It was only a few months ago that writer/producer Javier Grillo-
Marxuach – one of the Emmy Award-winning producers of “Lost,” and
creator of “The Middleman” graphic novels and TV series – sat at a
film festival music video program and thought “hey, I want to make one
of those!”

Mere hours later, he brought this idea to Peymon Maskan – member of
team Middleman and music supervisor extraordinaire. Within hours,
Grillo-Marxuach was flooded with MP3’s…but of the hundreds of songs
from bands far and wide, only one provided the spark to inspire a
short film…”Ghosts of Syllables,” by Admiral Radley.

While Admiral Radley was initially bemused when a complete stranger
came to them from out of the blue with the idea of making a short
narrative film set to their song, they were ultimately won over by a
concept that included a building being taken apart until it resembled
“a smile with a tooth missing,” and the project gained steam.

As the video’s cast and crew came together, it soon became clear that
the song, the director, the band and the actors who would play the
parts in the short film were all connected even before joining the

…in a stroke of serendipity, actor Blayne Weaver – cast in the
short’s central role – had not only guest-starred on “The Middleman”
but also just wrapped “Six Month Rule” which he not only wrote and
directed, but also co-stars Natalie Morales, the eponymous lead of
“The Middleman” and features music from both Ad-Rad as well as solo
work from band member Jason Lytle (which is unsurprising, as the music
supervisor for “Six Month Rule” is none other than Peymon Maskan!

Maybe it was all coincidence, maybe it was meant to be, or maybe the
world is just a very small place, but either way, the result is a
short film that not only showcases the music of Admiral Radley, but
also reunites actors, writers, directors and many other collaborators
to tell its tale…


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